Day 2: Deep selective listening in the Botanical Garden

Our day started in the Botanical Gardens, with Peter Jansen, a horticulturalist identifying fascinating cooperative relationships, and resource sharing in different ‘economies’ in nature, of the most unexpected kind. It’s apparent that nature has all kinds of strategies in place to deal with a variety of reciprocal relationships, and adapts and evolves according to changing conditions.
All of us, and students were held spellbound as Peter walked us through different biomes in the garden, from tropical, to desert, to wetland conditions. Many notes taken, drawings done in a dedicated portfolio.
We then moved on to doing some deep selective listening, learning how to listen without judgement, and how to report as objectively as possible. We blindfolded each other and relied on touch whilst cutting out our visual reference we usually rely on. ‘Quieting our cleverness’ in this ways tunes us into a world perceived through alternative senses.
We also learned to ‘see’ without using our eyes through drawing exercises.
Finally, we studied an artefact in nature in solitude whilst we paid attention to all the relationships happening in a circular space around our chosen object. A day spent changing our outlook and sharpening our minds in readiness for tomorrow’s look at systems and stakeholders using the LeNs tools.

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