Day 1: LeNSin Pilot Course at SUN Visual Arts

We are glad to say that the first day of the Pilot course at SUN Visual Arts went off very well, with 26 Communication Design students in the new lab. We have introduced the project, which involves an ongoing project dealing with mobile applications to assist with Healthcare in the Deaf Community project, SignSupport.
The students are already hard at work doing their first assignment which is research on three topics concerning knowledge of the Deaf community, as provided by Prang Chininthorn, a PhD student at UWC who is one of the researchers developing the product. Students will present their findings early next week by way of infographics boards, which will make the invisible information, visible.
Students have now been exposed to S PSS, and a short overview the LeNS tools they will be using in the next few days. We are looking forward to a full day exploration in the University’s Botanical gardens, where we will be guided by Peter Jansen, a horticulturalist, wh will direct our attention to cooperative systems and economies in nature. Afterwards, we’ll be doing deep observation and listening exercises via biomimetic methodology, where closing down senses selectively, allows us to  ‘quiet our cleverness’ in order to see and hear better, and to ask more relevant questions. Students will be building a reflective drawing portfolio throughout the process.
Just a few impressions of today, and the new equipment, which will bring exciting possibilities going forward.
More pics tomorrow!
All best

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